Otex express ear wax removal kit

Otex express ear wax removal kit

  • Bulb syringe gently cleanses inside your ear
  • Complete ear wax treatment kit
  • Breaks up and flushes out ear wax
  • Description

    Product description

    A clinically proven method of removing a build-up of ear wax.

    Experiencing a build up of ear wax is fairly common, but some people are more prone to it than others. This may be because they have more narrow ear canals, or wear earplugs more often or simply due to age. Whatever the cause, Otex express combi pack can effectively help to break up and disperse the earwax in your ear.

    Otex express combi pack contains an easy-to-use bulb syringe for administering the solution gently into your ear. The ingredients in the solution (urea hydrogen peroxide, 8-hydroxyquinoline and glycerol) work to break down the build up of wax causing problems, and the bulb helps to flush them out. This can help ease symptoms of ear wax build up such as dizziness, discomfort and a feeling of 'fullness' in the ear.


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