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Dosette Trays

weekly blister packs

Monitored Dosage System (MDS)

Blister Packs are the ultimate aid in remembering to take medication at the prescribed times each day.

We are prepared to fill blister packs if necessary when patients are confused or forgetful, but not simply for convenience.


The blister packs will be issued/delivered to the patient once weekly to minimise risk of harm. In these cases the G.P. will issue a “dispense weekly prescription”.

A Weekly Blister Pack clearly displays all medications at the times they are to be taken, (Morning, Midday, Teatime, Bedtime) EACH DAY for ONE WEEK (Monday to Sunday). The medications are then pushed out of the blister when required.

* this service is free when your surgery supplies the weekly prescriptions. We issue the blister packs once weekly.


*If your surgery does not supply weekly prescriptions, we can still fill dosette trays for you for a cost.

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