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fr £107

(Naltrexone & Bupropion)

healthy eating

Get in shape, take care of your health.

healthy heart

Mysimba is a prescription only medication designed to reduce your appetite and curb food cravings

weighing scales

Mysimba is licensed to help you lose weight as part of an active lifestyle and calorie control

Weight loss meds delivered to you

First time clients. Price £125
To obtain this treatment, you need a video consultation with our pharmacist.

Price includes; +video consultation, +medicine delivered.


Book in and pay

Register with Pharmadoctor if you havent already done so. Answer the consultation questions on Pharmadoctor in advance of your video appointment. This will reduce the video consultation from 30mins to 10mins.

Use the link sent to you to attend your video call with a pharmacist

mysimba tablets

112 tablets.

refill £107

if we have seen you already and you simply want to re-fill, click here to book your re-fill.

body mass index
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