Probably the cheapest FFP2 face masks in the UK

10 FFP2 Masks for £35 - FFP2 offer

Hive is offering a pack of 10 x Certified FFP2 face masks for £35. The recommended price is £49.99

This FFP2 is certified in the EU by BSI making this one of the best value EU certified FFP2 masks in the UK.

Buy the cheapest UK medical grade certified FFP2 masks.


Can FFP2 masks be reused?

"The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) has conducted a pilot study and found a reprocessing method that leads to an acceptable quality of reprocessed face masks. The caveat is that only limited research has been done on the retention of particles by reprocessed face masks. This study shows that FFP2 face masks retained their shape and were able to retain particles in a ‘quick’ test after sterilizing once and twice with a short hydrogen peroxide process. In times of scarcity, FFP2 masks can be used three times when sterilized twice with hydrogen peroxide in between use. This note was discussed in the outbreak management team (OMT). The OMT endorses the usefulness of this application if urgent shortages arise."


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