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Face Masks FFP2, FFP3, N95, Medical Grade.

Trust a UK Regulated NHS Pharmacy for your PPE

Are you looking for face masks to protect you from coronavirus?

Hive Pharmacy is a long established NHS pharmacy which stocks a variety of high quality face protection masks. Over 2 million face masks supplied to the general public, schools, business, embassies, air ambulance services and more.

Are you checking Face Mask Certification?

Our FFP3 and FFP2 face masks are EU certified by BSI, we urge you to beware of non-certified face masks offered by other online retailers. Certification body used: bsi.

Not all face masks are the same. Hive has medical grade face masks for general sale. NHS approved face masks. Most of our FFP3 masks are being used in NHS Trusts nationwide to protect doctors and nurses working in intensive care. Our surgical masks are also approved and used in the NHS.

Can a face mask protect ME from Coronavirus?

Yes! Masks (especially medical grade) are effective at capturing airborne droplets, which is a main transmission route of Coronavirus, and some studies have estimated a roughly five-fold protection versus no barrier alone. Our FFP2 and FFP3 masks are tested against virus sized particles and perform to the required standards.

Can wearing a mask protect my friends and family?

Whether you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus or not, wearing a mask can also protect others. So masks are crucial for everyone looking to protect those around them. As schools go back, protect children with a comfortable cloth mask such as the Aviro mask.

How long can I wear a mask for?

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommend that you change a disposable face mask daily for full effectiveness. Reusable masks should be worn and washed daily, so having spares is best.

Where should I buy masks from?

There are a few different types of face masks and coverings. Not all masks are the same. A "fake" face mask is extremely harmful as it exposes the person wearing it to airborne viruses. Hive pharmacy is established over 70 years, we carefully select masks that have all the required certificates of compliance to ensure your protection.

Masks are being sold at some retail outlets that do not have the same level of care when choosing products for sale. We urge you to carefully choose the retailer for your face mask.

Browse the protective face masks that we stock. Its easy to shop with Hive, no registration needed.

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