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How does the sensor work?

This sensor works by placing the Freestyle Libre Reader (sold separately) over the sensor which gives off a reading. It works similar to how a contactless credit/debit card works, with a simple connection to confirm the purchase.

Who is this sensor suitable for?

The Freestyle Libre Sensor is suitable for those with diabetes who have a more active lifestyle and want a faster reading. It is also suitable for those who perhaps don’t want to be constantly pricking their finger for blood.


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How fast is delivery?

Next working day.

As diabetics can be free from paying VAT on products designed for diabetes, does this apply to the Abbott Freestyle Libre One Sensor that you are selling?

If you have a disability or long-term illness, you may be able to buy some of our products without paying any VAT. The government allows certain products to be zero-rated for VAT purposes (i.e. no VAT needs to be charged) to reduce the cost of the practical products which you may need because of your disability. For freestyle libre, as this product is used for diabetics, we have already removed the VAT from the sales price within the UK.





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