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Freestyle Libre Subscription

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Freestyle Libre Subscription UK

What are the main benefits of Freestyle Libre subscription?

  1. Cheaper price.

  2. You can forget about having to go online to reorder every 14 days. Its automatic!

What is the Freestyle Libre subscription?

It is a simple subscription to ensure you never run out of Libre sensors again. We hold and reserve Libre sensors for our subscribers as a priority to ensure we can fulfil these deliveries every 4 weeks.

What is the Payment frequency?

Your card will be charged a set amount once per week. We chose weekly as many people budget weekly.

freestyle libre 2 subscription

Can I Cancel Anytime?

You have full control of the subscription when you log in to your account on the website. You can cancel at anytime.

What is the Delivery frequency?

Receive TWO sensors every 4 weeks.

Where can I find out more?

freestyle libre subscription

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