​Hive Pharmacy specialises in the NHS supply of hard to find special (unlicensed) preparations. These items are sent for free to you in the UK by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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We dispense and send your medication to you for free by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Approx 48 hours turnaround

Top 50 popular unlicensed NHS medications. ​Available next day.
Melatonin_Oral Solution 5mg/5ml
Co-Proxamol Tablets 32.5mg/325mg
Melatonin Capsules 2mg
Colecalciferol_Tablets 20,000iu
Omeprazole_Oral Suspension 10mg/5ml
Melatonin_Capsule 3mg
Diltiazem HCl_Cream 2%
Metolazone_Tablet 2.5mg
Omeprazole_Oral Suspension 20mg/5ml
Omeprazole_Oral Suspension 5mg/5ml
Chloral Hydrate_Oral Solution 500mg/5ml
Colecalciferol_Tab 10,000u
Sucralfate Tablets 1g, 2g, Antepsin

Sucralfate Suspension
Melatonin_Oral Solution 2mg/5ml
Diltiazem HCl_Ointment 2%
Midazolam_Liquid Spec 50mg/5ml
Sodium Chloride_Eye Ointment 5%
Sertraline HCl_Oral Suspension 50mg/5ml
Melatonin_Capsule 10mg
Liothyronine Sodium Tab 5mcg
Melatonin_Oral Suspension 5mg/5ml
Bisacodyl_Rectal Solution 2.74mg/ml
Melatonin_Tab 3mg
Hydrocortisone_Oral Susp 5mg/5ml
Glycopyrronium Bromide_Liquid Spec 1mg/5ml
Phytomenadione_Tablet 10mg
Melatonin_Cap 5mg
Metolazone_Tab 5mg
Spironol_Oral Susp 50mg/5ml
Colecal_Tab 5,000u
Ranitidine HCl_Oral Susp 5mg/5ml
Ranitidine HCl_Oral Soln 5mg/5ml
Colecal_Tab 50,000u
Phenobarbital_Liq Spec 50mg/5ml
Clopidogrel_Oral Solution 75mg/5ml
Colecal_Tab 400u (Spec)
Potassium Chloride_Tab 600mg (Pot 8mmol) M/R
Lorazepam Oral Solution 1mg/5ml
Antacid/Oxetacaine_Oral Suspension
Mepacrine HCl tab and caps 100mg, 50mg
Colecal_Tab 2,200u
Acetylcysteine Tablet 600mg
Melatonin_Oral Soln 2.5mg/5ml
Clonidine HCl_Oral Soln 50mcg/5ml
Chloroth_Oral Suspension 250mg/5ml
Lansoprazole_Oral Suspension 30mg/5ml
Fosfomycin Trometamol_Sachet 3g (Old)
Spironolactone Oral Suspension 25mg/5ml
Melatonin_Oral Solution 10mg/5ml
Melatonin_Cap 3mg M/R

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This service is provided by Hive Pharmacy and falls within the NHS Dispensing service. We therefore do not charge any fee at all.