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Updated: Jan 15

Hive Pharmacy has stocks of Bupropion 150mg tablets in packs of 100 and 30. Hive organises the supply of imported Bupropion for British patients to obtain this vital medicine. Hive Pharmacy is contracted by the NHS to dispense such medication. This is an NHS service only. We do not supply on private prescriptions.

Is Zyban available in the UK?

GSK has informed us that Zyban is out of stock in the UK nationwide. The medicine contained is called Bupropion. This drug is hard to find but Hive pharmacy are experts with importing medicines for NHS patients. Everyone in the UK can use our free NHS service. So if you require this medication, follow these simple steps. Imported medication prescriptions must be written differently than normal..

Step1. ask your GP to prescribe in this way on a green paper prescription:

"Bupropion 150mg MR tablet (Unlicensed Special)

Take one twice daily

30/60/90/100/120 tablets"

Remember, these must be paper prescriptions, NOT electronic prescriptions.

examples of acceptable Bupropion prescriptions

If you're unsure whether your prescription is valid, send a photo to our dispensary team using the Whatsapp number: 07828 884035

Step2. Post the prescription to us at the following address:

Hive Pharmacy

23 Edinburgh Drive


TW18 1PJ

Once received, we will busily dispense the medication for you and post it to you nationwide by Royal Mail, for free.

Please note, our dispensary team are always busy. Please do not ask them to contact your GP to instruct them how to write your prescription. This information article has all the information your GP may need.

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