Phenelzine 15mg is available in the UK

Hive Pharmacy has been supplying Phenelzine tablets and capsules since the Nardil Phenelzine became unavailable. We regularly dispense NHS prescriptions for phenelzine and post it to patients for FREE in England.

The UK Phenelzine Shortage

Kyowa Kirin has informed the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that due to manufacturing challenges, Nardil has been out of stock since Summer 2019. There is no exact date of when the product will be back in stock, however the availability issues are expected to last well into 2021.

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Do I need an alternative to Phenelzine?

NO you don't need an alternative. We can supply imported phenelzine, so there's no need to look for an alternative. We have a secure line of inventory and do not anticipate running out at all.

How does HIVE manage to supply Phenelzine?

HIVE pharmacy are experts in obtaining import medicines when there are shortages. Phenelzine is imported and can be supplied to you so that you don't run out of your medication.

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Phenelzine tends to only be used in difficult to treat patients and many of these have been stabilised on this treatment for a long time. Given the difficulties in withdrawing treatment and initiating new treatments in patients stabilised on Phenelzine it would seem advisable to maintain them on this treatment using unlicensed imports should they run out of supply.

Hive Pharmacy is able to help NHS patients taking Phenelzine tablets or capsules to continue treatment uninterrupted. We have been supplying unlicensed Phenelzine for NHS prescriptions by import continuously since Nardil stopped production.

How the service works


ask your GP to prescribe in this way on a green paper prescription:

"Phenelzine 15mg tablets (unlicensed special)"

phenelzine nhs prescription

If you're unsure whether your prescription is valid, send a photo to our dispensary team using the Whatsapp number: 07828 884035


Post the prescription to us at the following address:

Hive Pharmacy

23 Edinburgh Drive


TW18 1PJ

...We will then dispense and post your medication nationwide to you for free.

Phenelzine Stock Updates

10th Dec 2020. Please ensure a quantity of 60/120/180 as the medication arrives in pots of 60 and we do not split these. thanks*

10th Feb 2021 - no supply issues, send us your prescription.

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