Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules is available in the UK

Most UK pharmacies cannot currently supply this medication.

However, we can!

The Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules shortage

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a medicine supply notification for Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules. They said, "Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules are out of stock due to manufacturing issues."

Good News. Hive Pharmacy is supplying Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules. We can dispense your NHS prescription for Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules and post it to you for FREE. This is an NHS service only, we cannot dispense from private prescriptions.

How does HIVE manage to supply Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules?

HIVE pharmacy are experts in obtaining import medicines. Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules is imported and can be supplied to you so that you don't run out of your medication. Since Jan 2021 Hive has been supplying people nationwide with Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules. NHS Prescriptions for imported medicines must be written differently to normal.

How the service works

Step1. Ask your GP to prescribe on a green paper prescription:

"Acetazolamide 250mg SR capsules (special order)"