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Updated: Feb 7

What is a COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate?

Most airlines require passengers to produce evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test before flying. COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificates are proof that you have tested negative for Covid-19.

What is a Standard Fit-for-Travel Certificate?

This is when a doctor, usually your GP has deemed that it is safe for you to fly based on your medical condition. These are usually only required if for example you are pregnant, or you have been discharged from hospital.

How much does it cost for a COVID Fit To Fly Certificate?

Hive has partnered with Rightangled to offer the test with certificate for £110. View it here.

Test to Release Certificate

Test to release certificate is included for those arriving from abroad.

This is a nice and easy, sample at home test. Take your swab sample in the comfort of your home and post it to the laboratory for results by email within 24 hours.

What do I have to do for this test?

  1. BUY the test online.

  2. get your sample using the swab and send to the lab using the prepaid envelope.

  3. view your results online and print your fit-to-fly certificate.






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