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Updated: May 13

Antepsin tablets and suspension contain the active ingredient sucralfate, which is a complex of aluminium hydroxide and sulphated sucrose.

Sucralfate is what’s known as a ‘coating’ agent, as it forms a paste when it is activated in the body. In its standard form, this happens in the stomach, where it forms a coating over ulcers, shielding the tissue from further damage and helping them heal. Medically, it is used to aid healing of ulcers in the stomach and intestine (peptic ulcers).

Recently, there has been national press about its use in weight loss. "A drug used to treat stomach ulcers may also reverse diabetes and offer a new way to treat obesity. 

The tablet coats the gut in a thin protective film that reduces the amount of fat, sugar and nutrients absorbed from food.

The U.S. scientists behind the drug, which is taken before meals, have dubbed it ‘surgery in a pill’ as they predict it could be as effective as gastric bypass surgery — where large parts of the gut are removed or re-routed." daily mail

  • Sucralfate 1g/5ml oral suspension sugar free (antepsin)

  • Sucralfate 1g tablets (antepsin)

These formulations are readily available at Hive Pharmacy for NHS prescriptions. Hive Pharmacy is based in the South East, near Heathrow airport. We obtain sucralfate by import. On receiving your prescription, we are able to supply sucralfate the next day.

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