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Face Masks Facts

Why use an Activated Carbon Filter PM2.5 with your face mask?

PM 2.5 Filter Because Activated Carbon Filter PM2.5 is shown to be effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, even the very smallest nanoparticles.
The Filter name comes from these filters’ original use as protection against Particulate Matter 2.5, the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution. Airborne virions like the Coronavirus are even smaller than Filter (the Coronavirus’s lipid envelope is about 120 nanometers across). However, research has shown the material to capture nanoparticles of a similar size with a high degree of efficiency (approx. 95%), and lab tests show a Filter with a properly-fitted cloth mask can reduce airborne particulates by as much as 90%. Our filters are made from the same advanced materials used for respirators like the N95 and KN95. The most important question to ask is whether a mask and filter combination is effective at reducing the concentration of dangerous airborne particulates, including PM2.5. This is especially true for sensitive groups like seniors, pregnant women, asthmatics, and people with pre-existing heart and pulmonary conditions – as well as children.

Why buy reusable face masks from HIVE?

Our reusable face masks are easy to wear and with low breathing resistance, comfortable to wear for periods of time. Made from cotton, they are light weight yet tough. The majority of our masks have a pocket to allow the user to insert a PM 2.5 filter if desired for extra protection.

In Summary, Which Masks Protect Against Coronavirus?

First things first. A contagious COVID patient should wear any mask as soon as the virus is suspected. This is to protect all those nearby. People who want to protect themselves in a high risk environment should wear a certified FFP2 face mask. This mask will filter out virus and offer you a high level of protection. This mask is however disposable and costly. People have the option of a face covering, but remember these do not protect you to the level of an FFP3 or FFP2. Instead, it will just reduce how many droplets you breathe in and out and therefore help to protect people around you and yourself to a limited amount. In short, wear a cloth face covering for most low risk places, but for higher risk places we recommend protecting yourself by wearing an FFP2 or FFP3 face mask. Be Safe

Where can you buy reusable face masks?

You can buy reusable face masks almost everywhere these days. We have purchased and had a look at many masks available online and found that the majority are 2 layers, and some even 1-layer. These masks are not protective and we believe that pose a threat to wearers as they give a false sense of protection. Hive Pharmacy reusable masks are all at least 3-layers as recommended by the WHO.

What is the best type of face mask?

Medical Masks - most protection Many infections are spread by droplets, which are relatively large when they first come out as a cough or a sneeze but become much smaller as they travel through the air and become aerosolised. A medical mask must have a very fine weave because its job is to protect the wearer from these tiny aerosolised particles. Fabric Face Coverings - least protection A cloth face mask, however, works by blocking the bigger droplets before they become aerosolised. “Its job isn’t to protect the wearer but to block the source of infection (what’s known as 'source control'). Woven fabrics like cotton are very good at source control but less good at protecting the wearer. Reusable Face Mask with Filter - moderate protection This option is very popular. This is a reusable cotton face mask that has a slot for a filter. The job of the filer is to offer more protection from airborne particles than a standard reusable face mask..

Are face masks reusable?

Most face masks are disposable and are for one-time use only. Ideally, face masks should not be used once they are soiled or the inner lining gets moist. Reusable face masks are clearly described as reusable in the title description of items at Hive Pharmacy so that it is clear for our customers.