3M - 9541V Face Mask

3M - 9541V Face Mask


3M 9541V Valved Face Mask Covering


--5-ply Protection

--Comfortable Earloop

--Resist Viruses and Bacteria

--Valve allows easier unfiltered exhalation

--Civilian only use

--Non-medical face covering - unfiltered exhalation


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  • What is this 3M face mask?

    Manufacturer: 3M
    Model: 9541V
    Standard: KN95
    Documents:  User Information   Authorization letter   Guidance on worldwide use
    This model of 3M mask is made in China, for the Chinese market. It therefore is not CE marked (a European mark). For this reason, this mask is described as a non-medical mask in Europe.

    3M™ Health Care Particulate Respirators and Surgical Masks

    3M Health Care Particulate Respirators and Surgical Masks provide you the respiratory protection you desire. ... Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well by selecting the proper respiratory PPE.



  • Are 3M N95 / KN95 masks reusable?

    OSHA Quote:

    " One important addition to your respiratory protection plan should be reuse of N95 respirators during a shortage. The OSHA directive indicates that a respirator can be reused as long as it "maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled."

    Hive Pharmacy cannot recommend the re-use of masks.

  • Important information about the 3M face mask

    Before use, the wearer must read and understand these User Instructions. Keep these instructions for reference See information supplied by the manufacturer


    Use For


    Particles such as those from grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, bagging or processing minerals, silica, coal iron ore, heavy metal, flour, wood, pollen and certain other substances. Liquid or non-oil based particles from sprays that do not also emit oil aerosols or harmful vapors. Metal fumes produced from welding, brazing, cutting and other operations involving heating of metals. Use for nuisance level organic vapors. Nuisance level refers to concentrations below the occupational exposure limit.


    Do Not Use For


    Do not use for gases, sandblasting, oil aerosols, or for protection against organic vapors above the occupational exposure limit for these substances, particulate concentrations that exceed either 10 times the occupational exposure limit or applicable government regulations, whichever is lower. This respirator does not supply oxygen.


    Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.


    Do not use particles in concentrations that exceed the maximum allowable concentration required by the applicable regulation and standard. The maximum allowable concentration is obtained by multiplying the Assigned Protection Factor (APF) provided by GB/T 18664 "Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment and the permissible Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) of the contaminant.


    Use Limitations and Warnings


    1. The wearer must first be trained in the proper use and fit tested before using this respirator.


    2. Do not use this respirator when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life or health


    3. Leave the contaminated area immediately if breathing becomes difficult, or dizziness or other distress occurs.


    4. Discard and replace respirator if it becomes damaged or breathing resistance becomes excessive.


    5. Inspect respirator before each use to ensure it is in good working condition. Examine all the respirator parts for signs of damage including the two straps, nose foam, nose clip and valve.


    6. Do not alter, wash, abuse or misuse this respirator


    7 Do not use with beards or other facial hair or other conditions that prevent a good seal between the face and the sealing edge of the respirator.


    8. Can be used up to the limits specified by applicable government regulations for this product.


    9. Failure to follow all instructions and warnings on the use of this respirator and/or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and may result in illness or permanent




    10. Make sure the respirator is not crushed or squeezed by an outside force, as this may result in the deformation and damage of the respirator. Especially pay more attention when the wearer is biking, running or conducting other activities


    11.Outside forces acting upon the nose clip for valve on the respirator may result in injury to the wearer.


    CAUTION: Care should be taken when using the equipment at low temperatures may cause valves to freeze.


    excessive moisture


    Storage Conditions and Shelf Life Shelf life of unopened product is 3 years from date of manufacture when stored within temperature range or


    -20°C to +30°C and at less than 80% relative humidity.


    This respirator contains no components made from natural rubber latex

  • Fitting instructions for the 3M face mask

    1. With nosepiece facing away from you, hold the earloop strap in each hand with the nosepiece up.


    2. Position the respirator under the chin.


    3. Pull each strap over the ear. Adjust the straps as comfortable as possible.


    4. Place the fingertips of both hands at the top of the metal nosepiece. Mold the nosepiece to the shape of the nose bridge by pushing inwards while moving your fingertips down both sides of the nosepiece. Pinching the respirator nosepiece using only one hand may result in less effective respirator fit


    5. The seal of the respirator on the face should be checked by the wearer prior to entering the work area.


    a) Cover the front of the respirator with both hands, being careful not to disturb the position of the respirator.


    b) Inhale sharply. If air leaks around the nose bridge, readjust the nosepiece as described in step 4.


    If air leaks at the respirator edges, work the straps back along the side of your hand. If you CANNOT achieve a proper seal, DO NOT enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.


    c) If no leakage is detected, then work may proceed.


    It is very important to press the nosepiece firmly to the nose bridge to form a good seal.




    This respirator helps protect against certain particles. Misuse can result in sickness or death. For proper use, see supervisor or User Instructions on package or call 3M, 4009203595


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