hy9332 ffp3 face mask

FFP3 + Valve Certified Face Mask x10


BSI certified FFP3 grade face mask meets the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for use during outbreaks of SARS, Avian Flu and Coronavirus. Get the highest level protection.


+ Also used in the  NHS 

+ Individually wrapped in a complete box of 10 respirators.

+ FFP3 grade face mask respirator, filters 99%.

+ BSI. Certified

+ EN149:2001 A1:2009 , Model No. 9332


  • Description of the FFP3 Face Mask

    • Valved design allowing for easier exhalation, therefore more comfortable when worn for longer durations. Exhalation is unfiltered therefore does not offer protection to people around the wearer.
    • Flat fold disposable FFP3 respirator offering reliable, effective protection against higher levels of fine dust, mists, metal fume, aerosols including viruses and bacteria.
    • Low breathing resistance filter technology for easier breathing.
    • 3-panel design that accommodates greater facial movement during speech so much more comfortable to wear.

    This grade face mask offers the highest filtration level on the European FFP scale.

  • Features of the HY 9332 FFP3 Face Mask

    • Lightweight, disposable, valved FFP3 respirator.
    • PHE and experts from HSE currently advise the use of FFP3 respirators when caring for patients in areas where high risk aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are being performed.
    • FFP3 respirators are manufactured to the EU standard (EN149:2001+A1:2009).
    • FFP3 respirators have a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and maximum 2% leakage to the inside.
    • Protects against mechanically generated coarse health hazardous dry and liquid air-bourne particles. Captures fine metal or wood dusts, quartz dust, pollens, and liquid mists.
    • Individually sealed for hygiene and carrying convenience. No staple used. Avoids contact between skin and metal; suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed.
    • Super fold flat design, 3D structure and large filtration area. P.P. inner/outer layers provide smooth lining and comfortable feel.
    • Latex-free head straps and inserted nose clip.

    No returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons.

  • Specification of this FFP3 face mask

    Mask category Compliance standard Particle filteration efficiency Tested against particles size (microns) Protection against liquid and solid particles
    FFP3 EN149:2001 + A1:2009 99% less than 2 Yes, inc bacteria and viruses

    EN149:2001 + A1:2009
    CE 79995
    CE 690991
    ISO 9001.


    Description: Disposable Valved FFP3 face mask - BSI certified.

    Made in China

  • Instructions for use of the Handanhy FFP3

    For your safety, for correct and effective use of the apparatus, and to avoid hazards, it is essential to read and comply with the following recommendations:

    Instructions for use

    Any use of the flu respirator mask requires full understanding and strict observation of the operating instructions. The flu respirator mask may only be used for the purposes specified here.

    • Open the bag. Take out the mask by hand and unfold it gently.

    • Bend the nose clip to the shape of your nose.

    • Adjust the mask so that it covers the nose and mouth, and place the nose clip on the nose bridge. Then adjust the mask go that the bottom of the mask is under your chin and the top part of the mask is secured at the top of the nose bridge. Make sure no air can pass through the outside edges of the mask. The efficiency of the mask and therefore your protection depend on the care taken when fitting the mask. With this in mind, you can adjust the fitting of the elastic bands for your personal comfort.

  • Conditions for use for the Handanhy FFP3 face mask

    1 — Before using this flu respirator mask, you must check that the mask corresponds to your needs in the specific environment of intended use. Failure to do so can put your health in danger, or even your life. Seek the advice of a professional (e.g. health and safety officer or doctor) to help you to define the protection you need.

    2 — Failure to follow these instructions can harm your health, so please read them thoroughly and adhere to them.

    3 — This mask does not produce oxygen, so it must be used in a sufficiently ventilated environment If the oxygen content of the air around you falls below 17%, you will quickly feel dizzy, have difficulty breathing, or even faint. If this happens, you must immediately return to a well-ventilated place to avoid further complications.

    4 — Do NOT use this mask if you don't know the exact nature of any toxin you may encounter. In particular, the mask must not be used near explosive products or in explosive atmospheres.

    5 — When fitting the mask, extra care should be taken by users who have facial hair or any facial irregularities. In these cases, take extra care to place the mask in such a way that no airways remain between the skin and the edges of the mask.

    6 — Do NOT attempt to modify this mask: it has been designed and certified for your safety.

    7 — This mask is intended for single use. After a maximum of 8 hours of continuous use, dispose of it. The mask will not regain its protective capacities after use.

    8 — Keep the masks in an area with a maximum humidity level of 70%, and a temperature range of between -25°C and 40°C. The mask can lose its features and protective capacity after three years (see expiry date on the packaging), so it is risky to use this mask once the expiry date has passed. You are advised to dispose of any masks that have passed their expiry date.

    9 — In any case and in spite of the whole care brought to this respiratory protective mask by the manufacturer, it is the user's responsibility (and in no case the manufacturer's responsibility) to ascertain the adequacy of the mask in relation to the environmental features where it will be stored and eventually be used. The manufacturer cannot guarantee a precise use length, considering its absence of knowledge of the environment in which the mask will have been stored since leaving the factory, and the features- of the environment in which will be used (temperature, pressure, humidity, concentration of filtrable particles, user's facial structure...)

    10 — This mask will protect you only if you follow these recommendations, as well as the instructions for use. Failure to use the face mask in accordance with this manual will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

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