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Aviro gloves navy

AVIRO HeiQ Viroblock Gloves Navy


Hands are a potential surface for viruses and bacteria. AVIRO gloves are treated with HeiQ Viroblock from Switzerland. This results in an washable Anti-Viral surface which destroys pathogens when they come into contact with the fabric surface. AVIRO gloves are anatomically fitted to your hands for a superior fit, and with a self-sanitizing surface giving you a full 50 hours of use between washes.

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    AVIRO gloves are unique, upper fabric is engineered with HeiQ Viroblock, an advanced antimicrobial protection that lasts for up to 15 washes. This technology inhibits the presence and growth of bacteria and viruses on the fabric, creating a germ resistant surface.

    Made with high quality fabric you can wash and reuse our gloves multiple times*. Offering a sustainable alternative to disposable gloves.


    Made with a high filament fabric which you can wash and reuse multiple times, offering a sustainable and economical alternative to disposable gloves.

    - Screen responsive fabric on the tip of index and thumb to use on touch screen devices.
    - Silicon on the inside of palm for improved grip.
    - Engineered with Anti-Viral fabric

    AVIRO fabric has been independently tested:
    - ISO18184 Anti-Viral Efficiency >99% (coronavirus & H1N1)*
    - ISO20743 Anti-Bacterial Efficiency >99%



    • Blue Sign Approved Dyeing.
    • BSCI Approved Production Facility.