Chlamydia Test - In Store

Chlamydia Test - In Store



The Biopanda Chlamydia Rapid Test qualitatively detects Chlamydia trachomatis in female cervical swab samples and male urethral swab samples. The test is intended for professional use to help diagnose Chlamydia infections.

  • The Biopanda Chlamydia Rapid Test is a qualitative, lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Chlamydia antigen from female cervical and male urethral. In the test, antibodies specific to the Chlamydia antigen is coated on the test line region of the test. During testing, the extracted antigen solution reacts with an antibody to Chlamydia that is coated onto particles. The mixture migrates along the strip to react with antibodies to Chlamydia on the membrane and generates a coloured line in the test region. The presence of this coloured line in the test line region indicates a positive result, while its absence indicates a negative result. To serve as a procedural control, a coloured line will always appear in the control line region, indicating that proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking has occurred.


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