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ColoAlert® Plus Colorectal Cancer Detection Test


The Colorectal Cancer Screening Test that takes a closer look.


ColoAlert detects bleeding and non-bleeding tumours through tumour DNA analysis and thus offers a better early detection than fecal occult blood tests. 3,4


Tumour DNA analyses can distinguish colorectal cancer patients from healthy individuals more accurately than any other stool test and allow earlier diagnoses - all that in a simple at-home stool test!


CE IVD Approved

Manufactured & processed by ISO15189 accredited and ISO 13485:2016 certified Laboratory

  • What's special about ColoAlert?

    Next generation colorectal cancer screening

    Colorectal cancer can be cured if detected early. Therefore, the ColoAlert stool test was developed to detect changes in the bowel as accurately and early as possible. By analysing tumour DNA, ColoAlert detects 85 % of colorectal cancer cases and often in very early stages of the disease.3,4,5

  • How does screening with ColoAlert work?

    1. Order your ColoAlert stool test.

    2. Take a sample conveniently at home.

    3. DHL will collect your sample and take it to the laboratory.

    4. Get your results within a few working days.


    All delivery and laboratory costs are included, there are no further charges.

  • How does ColoAlert work?

    Early detection of colorectal cancer through tumour DNA analysis

    Colorectal cancer originates from the genetic mutation of intestinal cells. These are continuously excreted through the stool and can be examined for tumour DNA using modern genetic diagnostic methods. ColoAlert analyses samples for the following tumour makers:


    • KRAS-mutation
    • BRAF-mutation
    • total amount of human DNA
    • occult blood

    These tumour markers can be associated with the occurrence of cancer.

  • How precise is ColoAlert?

    Clinical studies confirm the advantages of tumour DNA analysis

    In a multicentric study, a total of 566 patients were examined simultaneously using the occult blood test, M2-PK test and ColoAlert. All methods were also compared with the colonoscopy.

    With a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 92%, ColoAlert showed the most accurate test results among the non-invasive screening methods.

    Read the publication here

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