Fitness DNA Test | Comprehensive Fitness Report with Personal Trainer Review

Fitness DNA Test | Comprehensive Fitness Report with Personal Trainer Review

  • REVIEWED BY QUALIFIED LEVEL 3 PERSONAL TRAINER AT NO EXTRA COST - Fitness review based on your genetic makeup and health profile with 8 week exercise and diet plan
  • 27 GENETIC REPORTS - with tailored 8 weeks exercise and diet plans, built uniquely for you.
  • MEDICALLY APPROVED - Backed by NHS England, CQC Registered and provided by UK’s largest health insurance company (BUPA)


  • Fulfilled by Rightangled.

    Achieve your peak fitness potential

    Let our Fitness specialists drive you through a faster and safer route to your optimal exercise and diet regimen. By combining your DNA and lifestyle profiles, our Personal Trainers will create a precise exercise and diet programme, uniquely tailored for you.

    What do the reports include?

    27 genetic reports covering everything to do with your diet and fitness:


    • Post workout responses in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    • Muscle composition, i.e Power vs. Endurance, Muscle regeneration, recovery and repair.
    • Risk of Ankle injury
    • Lactose, Caffeine and alcohol intolerances
    • Dietary interactions
    • Eating behaviour
    • Sugar conversion & sensitivity



    Regulated by the CQC.

    Rightangled are a healthcare provider registered by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator and inspector of all healthcare services in England.


    • Optimise muscle growth, shed excess body fat and manage blood sugar levels.
    • Learn about your lactose, caffeine and alcohol intolerances.
    • Cut through trial and error in choosing the best regimen to get you to your optimal physique.
    • Get 27 genetic reports about your Exercise Responses, Diet & Nutrition, Body and Weight Management.
    • Inclusive of 8 weeks tailored diet and fitness action plan from a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer

    Diet and Nutrition

    8 Reports - Understand how your body metabolises certain nutrients and what type of minerals or vitamins it may require.


    Body & Weight Management Report - 12 Reports for Sugar Response & Calorie Response

    12 Reports - Get personalised recommendations on how you can adopt alternative dietary options to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.


    Exercise Response

    6 Reports - Gain the knowledge to understand your specific genes and what impact they may have on your fitness output.


    8 Week Personal training and diet plan based on your DNA results.

    8 weeks specific diet plan based on your eating behaviour, sensitivities and predisposed requirements. 8 weeks exercise plan based on your goals and muscle fibre physiology alongside body composition.

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