Flexiseq Active Gel 100g

Flexiseq Active Gel 100g

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Flexiseq Active is a drug-free solution to provide care and pain relief for joints that are under constant strain. It is specially designed for people who do sports or have an active and sportive lifestyle, who can sometimes have additional pressures put on their joints.

Whether it be football, basketball, tennis, hiking or jogging, Flexiseq Active can provide joint lubrication to help prevent the friction that can lead to joint problems. Flexiseq Active is a long-term solution for sportsmen and women and other active people who wish to protect against friction, wear and tear that might appear in their joints during periods of physical exertion. 

    • There have been no serious side effects reported, relating to Flexiseq.
    • Flexiseq can cause minor skin irritations, although not everybody gets them.
    • Side effects affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue (the soft tissue beneath the skin) could occur
      after approximately two weeks of treatment, but should disappear within a further few weeks if you
      continue to use the product. In case of continuing side effects, you may first reduce the dose (e.g.
      from twice daily to once daily). If this does not improve the condition, you may discontinue treatment
      with the product until the event resolves, which could be within a few days. You may then be able to
      restart administration of the product after improvement of the skin condition, if there is no evidence
      of allergic reactions resulting from skin contact.
    • In the event of serious side effects, or if you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet,
      please tell your doctor or pharmacist.
    • There are no known interactions with other medicines

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