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Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor - Subscription


Subscribe to Abbott Freestyle Libre Sensor UK to spread the cost.


  •  £27.00 per week 
  •  Tracked 24  UK Delivery included 
  • Receive 2 Libres once every 4weeks.
  • Your 1st delivery of 2 x Libre 2 is sent once 4 payments received.




Price Options
Delivery Monthly
2 Libre Sensors automatically delivered every 4 weeks
£23.50weekly/ auto-renew
  • Why subscribe to Freestyle Libre?


    • we thought it would be good for our customers if they subscribe as they would not have to worry about remembering to re-order their Libres.
    • we like it too as we know how many subscribers we have therefore we know how many Libre sensors we need to purchase each month!
    • just to be clear, your card is billed £27.50 per week, (thats £110 over 4 weeks). Your first delivery of two boxes of Libres will arrive once 4 payments have been taken. This means you may have to purchase one or two libre sensors to begin with before your subscription sensors start to arrive.


  • Who is this sensor suitable for?

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor is suitable for those with diabetes who have a more active lifestyle and want a faster reading. It is also suitable for those who perhaps don’t want to be constantly pricking their finger for blood.

  • How is the Freestyle Libre Sensor applied?

    The is applied to the skin using the included applicator. To do this, make sure that the skin is clean because oily, wet, or hairy skin may make the sensor harder to apply. Applying the sensor includes a number of steps:



    • Open up the Sensor Pack and unscrew the cap on it and then put the cap aside.

    • Line up the dark marks on both the sensor and the applicator and press down on the applicator until it stops.

    • Place the applicator over where you want the sensor to go and push down firmly in order to apply the sensor to the skin. Now the sensor should stick to the skin.

    • Gently pull the applicator away from the sensor, which should stay on the skin.

    • Put the cap back onto the applicator.

  • How do I shower or bathe when the sensor is on?

    If you are showering or bathing, then take extra care. The sensor is waterproof but hard pulling can knock it off, particularly when towelling. The sensor is waterproof for up to 1 metre and can be in water for up to 30 minutes.

  • Will the sensor work when I am wearing tight cloth

    No, avoid wearing tight clothing on the arms when using the sensor. Also, take care not to catch the sensor on clothing when getting dressed.

  • Can I play sports when using the sensor?

    You should avoid contact sports that could potentially knock the sensor off the arm. You should also be careful not to bump into things when not doing exercise as this could also knock the sensor off.

  • Why is Hive Pharmacy cheaper than most places?

    We do not charge customers any VAT when buying Freestyle Libre sensors.

  • How does the sensor work?

    This sensor works by placing the Freestyle Libre Reader (sold separately) over the sensor which gives off a reading. It works similar to how a contactless credit/debit card works, with a simple connection in order to confirm the purchase.

  • What is the Abbott Freestyle Libre One Sensor?

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor is an easy-to-use sensor for testing blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. Instead of the more traditional blood testing method, the Libre doesn’t require any finger pricking to draw blood and instead, the sensor sits on the back of the arm where it can easily be scanned in order to give you a reading. It can be used for up to 14 days

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