Heart DNA Test | Comprehensive Cardio Report with Personalised Medical Review

Heart DNA Test | Comprehensive Cardio Report with Personalised Medical Review


Heart DNA Test


  • REVIEWED BY QUALIFIED CARDIOLOGIST AT NO EXTRA COST - Medical review based on both your genetic makeup and health profile from qualified cardiologist trained to analyse DNA
  • CLINICAL APPROVAL - Backed by NHS England, CQC Registered and provided by UK’s largest health insurance company (BUPA).
  • 24 DETAILED REPORTS COVERING 4 MAIN ASPECTS - All focused on your heart and cardiovascular health. The 4 main aspects are broken down to the following - Blood Clot Risk Analysis, Fats (lipid) metabolism, Cardiovascular Risk Analysis and Heart Medications Response
  • YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT - Your genetics and lifestyle contribute towards your chances of developing certain cardiac conditions and exhibiting drug side-effects. Reveal how your heart health is predisposed by your DNA.


  • Fulfilled by Rightangled.

    Minimise your Cardiovascular health risks

    Heart DNA Test is a proactive way to personalise your cardiac health and have a worry-free life. The test will help you be more certain and get better answers regarding your Cardiac health, treatment regimen, Lipid metabolism and risk of blood clots.

    What do the reports include?

    24 detailed reports covering 4 main aspects, all focused on your heart health, circulatory system, blood and overall cardiovascular wellbeing. Aspects covered:


    • Cardiovascular risk analysis
    • Heart medication Response
    • Lipids metabolism
    • Blood clot risk analysis


    What's more?

    + Medical Assessment by a Cardiologist or a General Practitioner.

    Regulated by the CQC.

    Rightangled are a healthcare provider registered by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator and inspector of all healthcare services in England.



    Testing For Which Reports Included

    Cardiovascular Health

    7 Reports - Covering cardiovascular risks such as: Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, Coronary Artery Disease, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Type III Hyperlipoproteinemia, among others.

    Heart Medications Response

    9 Reports - Many prescribed drugs may not work for you. This can lead to a long course of ineffective treatment.

    Blood Clot Risk Analysis

    3 Reports - Approx 90% of pulmonary emboli are caused by dislodged fragments from blood clots. This test informs your clinician's decision making by identifying the heritable causes of thrombosis and the risk of developing a thrombotic event

    Fats (Lipid) Metabolism 3 Reports - Everyone processes food differently. We analyse how your genetics and lifestyle impact your metabolism in relation to cardiac related nutrients
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the purpose of this DNA test?

    The test is aimed to help you get a better understanding of your innate metabolism and how your body responds to certain nutrients and the way it converts food, vitamins and other nutrients. Implementing tailored changes into your diet and lifestyle can influence the time and effort needed to achieve your fitness goals.

    Can I speak with a qualified specialist after receiving my reports?

    Yes, you can look up the specialist you want to share your results with directly from your account, and book an appointment online. All within a few clicks on your portal.

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