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Libre Sense sport

Libre Sense Sport Biosensor


designed for athletes to continuously measure glucose to better understand the correlation between their glucose levels and their athletic performance. The idea is it will help athletes and other sporting people to maximise their ‘fuelling’ in order to achieve a greater performance.

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  • What is Abbott Libre Sense Sport?

    The Libre Sense biosensor is based on Abbott's world-leadingii FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring technology, which was originally developed for people living with diabetes. Based on that technology, this is the first personal-use product that allows for use beyond diabetes.


    Abbott's Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, with CE Mark (Conformité Européenne), is a consumer over-the-counter product that provides glucose monitoring via a mobile appiii to athletes (ages 16 years and older) performing sports such as cycling, running, and swimming, to understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices on training and competition. Tracking and understanding glucose levels enable athletes to fuel appropriately through nutrition to help avoid fatigue from low glucose and to know when to replenish during training and competition to maintain peak performance.

  • Who is this Libre Sense suitable for?

    The Libre Sense is suitable for those with diabetes who have a more active lifestyle and want a faster reading. It is also suitable for those who don’t want to be constantly pricking their finger for blood.


    A clearer picture of glucose control

    Libre Sensesensors monitor your glucose levels day and night. Each scan shows your current reading, the last eight hours, and a trend arrow of which direction your glucose is heading. It also has optional glucose alarms to warn you when your glucose is too high or too low.

  • How does the Libre Sense work?

    This sensor works by placing the Libre Reader (sold separately) over the sensor which gives off a reading. It works similar to how a contactless credit/debit card works, with a simple connection in order to confirm the purchase.


    Applying the Sensor

    • Open up the Sensor Pack and unscrew the cap on it and then put the cap aside.

    • Line up the dark marks on both the sensor and the applicator and press down on the applicator until it stops.

    • Place the applicator over where you want the sensor to go and push down firmly in order to apply the sensor to the skin. Now the sensor should stick to the skin.

    • Gently pull the applicator away from the sensor, which should stay on the skin.

    • Put the cap back onto the applicator.

  • How do I shower or bathe with the sensor?

    If you are showering or bathing, then take extra care. The sensor is waterproof but hard pulling can knock it off, particularly when towelling. The sensor is waterproof for up to 1 metre and can be in water for up to 30 minutes.

  • Will the Libre Sense work through clothing?

    Libre Sense are small, discreet and can be scanned through clothing.