Prescription Cold Chain Delivery

Prescription Cold Chain Delivery

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We use a planet conscious solution to sending you your medicines. Its called WoolCool. Woolcool insulated packaging products are reusable and fully sustainable

  • Wool, nature knows best.

    We take a natural material, which has been designed, developed and tested by millions of years of evolution and then apply the very highest standards of high-tech research and development to craft a viable, superior eco friendly packaging solution.


    That natural material is wool.

    • Wool is a natural smart fibre that provides a superior and cost-effective alternative to polystyrene and polyethylene foam, creating truly eco friendly packaging.
    • Wool is an abundant natural material, as a by-product of rearing sheep.
    • Wool is totally compostable and fully biodegradable packaging, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.
    • Wool’s organic fibres are broken down by seawater much faster than the manmade micro fibres and plastics that pollute our oceans.
    • Wool is such an efficient insulator that sustainable packaging can be designed to be smaller and less costly to create.
    • Woolcool eco friendly packaging takes up less space and weighs less than other solutions.
    • Woolcool eco packaging cuts down on transport and logistics costs, reducing the carbon footprint created by delivery.

    After ten years of extensive research and development, we have the scientific proof to back our belief that this remarkable natural fibre is a superior component for packaging than any manmade option.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainability is one of the buzzwords of the 21st Century – but what does it really mean?


    • Sustainable packaging
    • Eco friendly packaging
    • Biodegradable packaging

    Definitions differ. To some it is about maintaining an ecological balance, to others it’s about protecting natural resources. Concerns over recycling, landfill and renewable energy add to the debate. Like ‘Green’ and ‘Eco-Friendly’, Sustainability risks becoming another vague eco term whose real meaning is lost in the ever-shifting green agenda.

    At Woolcool, our approach is simple. We have spent over a decade addressing the real and urgent global eco packaging issue that society faces – the need to develop packaging that is environmentally and socially responsible yet economically effective.

    We don’t believe sustainable packaging is just about ticking boxes to meet a broad ‘green’ agenda. It’s not about logos and slogans.

    It’s not about setting unachievable idealistic goals, or having knee-jerk, quick fix reactions to a complex issue.

    We don’t believe that protecting the environment means higher cost and rising prices for the consumer, either.

    To us, sustainability is about creating eco friendly packaging that actually delivers tangible, positive solutions – not only to our clients and consumers, but to society as whole. It’s about focusing on a longer-term strategy for the future.

    Key to this ethos is our belief that to protect nature, eco packaging can turn to natural materials to replace the single-use manmade matter that so often ends up in landfill.


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