Steradent Pro 3 in 1 - 30 Tablets


What is Steradent Pro 3 in 1?

Steradent Pro 3 in 1 are denture cleaning tablets that give your dentures a deep clean. They kill the bacteria that builds up on your dentures, leaving them menthol and eucalyptus fresh so you can feel confident that they’ve had a deep clean.


Why should I clean my dentures regularly?

It’s important to clean your dentures twice a day as a part of your dental care routine. Dentures need to be cleaned as well as your own teeth, as the bacteria, left-over food, and debris that damage your teeth can damage your dentures too. If your dentures are dirty or have food caught in them, this can cause gum irritation, leaving you feeling uncomfortable as you wear your dentures all day long.


How will these tablets help to keep my dentures clean?

When you use Steradent Pro 3 in 1 tablets, your dentures are surrounded with millions of microbubbles that lift stains and bacteria away, giving your dentures an unbeatable deep clean. They kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, so you can be confident that your dentures are as clean as possible.

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